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Marvel Anime: Wolverine (2011) Hindi Episodes Download HD [Hindi-English-Jap]

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Synopsis: Logan learns that his girlfriend Mariko Yashida, who disappeared a year ago, has been taken to Tokyo by her father Shingen, the head of a Japanese crime syndicate and supplier to AIM. He then decides to go to Japan to find her and take her back, no matter what.

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Anime info:-

Anime Series: Wolverine (2011)
Hindi Dub Title: Wolverine (ウルヴァリン)
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Year: 2011
Status: Finished Airing
Popularity: 3915
Score: 6.03
Genres: ,Action
Mal id:  6918
Broadcast: Unknown
Studio: ,Madhouse

Wolverine Download in Hindi Dubbed 480p 720p 1080p FHD

Season info:

  • Season: winter
  • Total Episodes: 12
  • Duration: 23 min per ep
  • Aired: Jan 7, 2011 to Mar 25, 2011
  • Type: TV
  • Quality: Bluray – 480p 60MB – 720p 160MB – 1080p 250MB

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Episode 01 : Mariko
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan rescues Tesshin Asano from a group of AIM. soldiers. Asano informs Logun of the whereabouts of his non-mutant girlfriend and sweetheart Mariko Yashida, whom her own father, Shingen, had killed a year earlier for the crime organization Kujuru to expand their operations to arrange a marriage with Hideki Kurohagi. Had taken

Episode 02 : Yukio
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan is defeated and thrown onto the train tracks. Asano follows Logen to rescue him, but finds Hideki’s men dead and he gone. An assassin named Yukio revives Logen and teams up with him.

Episode 03 : Kikyo
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan and Kiko engage in a fierce fight. Logen concludes that Kiko was Asano’s killer while a police squad cordons off the area, but he and Yukio escape.

Episode 04 : Omega Red
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan’s battle with Omega Red takes its toll on him regardless of his healing factor, reminding him of the mission from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Episode 05 : Asano
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan is helped by Yukio, a crippled Omega Red, who is later revealed to be A.I.M. retrieved by. For treatment. he goes to Yashida’s house, but is challenged by Kiko to another fight.

Episode 06 : Min
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Cyclops drops off Logan and Yukio at Madripoor. Separated from Yukio by robbers, he treks across the island while being repeatedly attacked by criminal gangs and outlaws.

Episode 07 : Vadhaka
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logen and Min are on the run from the Slayer statue. Yukio comes to their rescue, then Min blinds the murderer. Down in the sewers, Min’s allies led by Master Koh provide aid to him, allowing Master Koh and his men to liberate Madripoor.

Episode 08 : Koh
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan intends to rescue Yukio and Koh provides him with information he will later need for his mission at the Dragon Palace. Yukio’s own escape attempt fails, but he bypasses the automatic defenses and releases her.

Episode 09 : Hell Road
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

At first, Hell Road is quiet, but the two  drive through sections riddled with spears. Soon, they were forced to continue their journey on foot, stopped briefly by a pit trap and gangs of swordsmen.

Episode 10 : Shingen
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Kiko allows Logan to delay the duel due to his code of honor. Hideki sends an advanced killer against him. Despite suffering a severe crush against Vadhaka’s leg, HEmanages to dislodge Vadhaka and himself against the walls.

Episode 11 : Kurohagi
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

Logan, Yukio and Kiko break into the Dragon Palace with the help of Koh’s army. Although Koh goes on his own to confront Shingen, Yukio intervenes, though Koh sacrifices his life for Yukio’s.

Episode 12 : Logan
480p – Mirror_Links720p – Mirror_Links

When Logan fights Shingan, he is seriously injured. Kiko stops Hideki from using a powerful poison dart gun on Logan, then helps a wounded Yukio.


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