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True Detective All Seasons

True Detective
Series True Detective
Real Title True Detective
Rating 8.322
Ep/Seasons 30/4
Aired 2014-01-12 to 2024-02-04
Duration 60 Min
Types Scripted
Languages English (en)
Sources IMDB | TMDB






Mexico, United States of America


Passenger, Anonymous Content, Lee Caplin / Picture Entertainment, Neon Black, Parliament of Owls, HBO, Peligrosa


Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Mahershala Ali, Woody Harrelson, Vince Vaughn, Stephen Dorff


Cary Joji Fukunaga, Issa López, Daniel Sackheim, John Crowley


Nic Pizzolatto, Issa López, Issa López, Scott Lasser


detective, investigation, anthology, murder, serial killer, police corruption, police detective, nonlinear timeline, police investigation, murder investigation, murder mystery, neo-noir


The truth lies in the dark.


An American anthology police detective series utilizing multiple timelines in which investigations seem to unearth personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within or outside the law.

Reviews: Author: alex430
True Detective: Night Country is a gripping and atmospheric thriller that takes the anthology series to new heights. Set in the remote and unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, the show follows two detectives who must overcome their personal and professional differences to solve a mysterious case that involves a missing research team, a severed tongue, and a possible connection to an unsolved murder of a native activist.Jodie Foster delivers a stunning performance as Detective Liz Danvers, a hardened and cold cop who has been exiled to the small town of Ennis for her attitude and past failures. Foster portrays Danvers as a complex and flawed character who struggles with her own demons and regrets, but also shows glimpses of compassion and vulnerability. She is matched by Kali Reis, who plays Evangeline Navarro, a state trooper of Iñupiat descent who is obsessed with finding justice for the slain activist, Annie. Reis brings a fierce and fiery energy to Navarro, who clashes with Danvers over their methods and motives, but also develops a grudging respect and understanding for her partner.The show is written and directed by Issa López, who creates a captivating and chilling vision of Alaska as a place of both isolation and freedom, beauty and danger, darkness and light. The cinematography is stunning, capturing the stark contrast between the snowy landscapes and the cozy interiors, the eerie silence and the sudden bursts of violence, the long night and the brief dawn. The soundtrack is also haunting, featuring a mix of native songs, folk tunes, and ambient sounds that enhance the mood and tension of the story.The plot is intriguing and unpredictable, weaving together elements of crime, mystery, and supernatural horror. The show explores themes such as identity, culture, history, trauma, and redemption, as well as the environmental and social issues facing Alaska and its native people. The show also pays homage to the previous seasons of True Detective, with references and Easter eggs that fans will appreciate, but also stands on its own as a unique and original story.True Detective: Night Country is a must-watch for fans of the genre and the series, as well as for anyone looking for a thrilling and immersive TV experience. It is one of the best shows of the year, and a worthy addition to the True Detective legacy.
Author: MovieGuys
True Detective is a series so far spanning four seasons. Each season tells a new tale.Thus, far I've watched all of season three and four episodes, of season four. Well crafted and intelligent for the most part this is an engrossing series, with what appears to be a supernatural twist, in the latest iteration, "Night Country". Acting is of a high standard and characters are well rendered, with the kind of traits and flaws, you would expect to find, in real people. The only downside is a dose of the the usual woke BS many of us could well do without.White people or more accurately, Europeans, are not responsible for the worlds woes, get over it.In summary, mostly well written, intelligent and engrossing. I'd have rated it higher again, if the woke nonsense had been left on the cutting room floor, where I feel, it belongs.

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