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The Road to El Dorado (2000) Bluray Hindi Dubbed

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After a failed swindle, two con-men end up with a map to El Dorado, the fabled “city of gold,” and an unintended trip to the New World. Much to their surprise, the map does lead the pair to the mythical city, where the startled inhabitants promptly begin to worship them as gods. The only question is, do they take the worshipful natives for all they’re worth, or is there a bit more to El Dorado than riches?


Title: The Road to El Dorado
Year: 2000
Ratings: 7.3/10
Popularity: 40.687
Released Date: 2000-03-31
Quality: Bluray – 480p | 720p
Duration: 1 hours 29 minutes
Genres: Family | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
Language: | Hindi Dubbed
Status: Released
Star Casts: Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, Rosie Perez, Armand Assante, Edward James Olmos, Jim Cummings
Directors: Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul
Writers: Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Revenue: 76,400,000 USD
Budget: 95,000,000 USD
Companies: DreamWorks Animation | DreamWorks Pictures
Countries: United States of America
Source:  IMDB | TMDB

Tags: gold, horse, cartoon, musical, con artist, sword fight, adventurer, 16th century, conquistador, el dorado, age of discovery


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Author: Kamurai
Decent watch at best, probably won’t watch again, and can’t recommend.

This is a Dreamworks animation at a time when Disney was still doing strong 2d animations. It does look like Dreamworks attempted a shift to digital cell animation around the same time (based on this movie), so at least the animation is smooth and of a good quality.

As with most Dreamworks products, I don’t enjoy the same art style they seem to love, which always makes it a little hard for me to watch regardless of if the movie is actually good. I also didn’t care for the voices, not saying the actors did a bad job, but the direction was of my taste.

The story itself is based on El Dorado being a big deal, but as worthless as gold actually is, it is really hard for me to personalize with it. They’re also criminals, and not the redemptive kind. They don’t become good people until they start actively going against the head priest. Thinking about it, I also have a lot of issues with the European-god confusion, so there may be a lot of me not enjoying the premise more than anything.

I’m honestly struggling to find things that I enjoyed other than it was a well produced animation, and I can’t say much else that the story is at least structured well so there is something you could enjoy.

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